Answers to the most common questions we receive about Well Advised

We put you and your family first and we know that health care choices result from your personal preferences, medical appropriateness and affordability. Only Well Planned gathers and analyzes your information on these to make the best recommendation for you to decide.

Our central philosophy is that your personal information belongs to you, not to us, and that your personal health information is a very private matter that you want specially protected. You should have control over who has access to it. So we only gather it if you explicitly give us permission and we are then responsible for keeping it confidential and securely encrypted. We are passionate about such protection. We don’t share or sell your personal information to anyone.

Because we look at your health needs over the coming year. We review your financial situation to understand what you can afford and what level of risk you might be able to take. We ask you for your personal preferences in a number of areas – including doctors and hospitals and locations. Then we find plans that match all these as closely as possible, compare them for you and make one recommendation.

Wouldn’t it be good if that were true! But it isn’t true. For most people basic (Original) Medicare will cost them a monthly premium and they will then pay a 20% portion of all health care expenses after meeting deductibles. This does not include drug costs since these are not covered by Original Medicare. But we can guide you through the various choices available that will help reduce these costs, and lower your risk of unwanted health care bills.

That depends on whether you are still working and have group health insurance through your work. If you are not working and not covered by your spouse’s group health insurance then you should enroll. Sadly you can be liable to financial penalties and delays in coverage by not enrolling when you should. We can help you find your way through these complex rules.

Yes. There are many opportunities during the year to move from one plan, or type of plan or indeed one insurance carrier to another. We can help you with that decision, and advise you how to avoid medical under-writing. But since we will recommend the plan that meets your current needs in the first place, we don’t think you will want to change your mind!

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