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The following beneficiaries are eligible to enroll in Medicare:

  • Beneficiaries after their initial enrollment period or IEP (i.e. 65 years or older).
  • Transitional beneficiaries during their initial enrollment period.
  • Disabled beneficiaries who are currently receiving social security disability insurance benefits.

Note: The initial enrollment period is 3 months prior to your 65th birth month through 3 months after it.

That depends on whether you are still working and have group health insurance through your employer or the employer of your spouse/partner or a family member. It is advised that you enroll when you are eligible, If you are not working and don’t have health insurance through an employer. Otherwise, you may be subject to enrollment delays and financial penalties.

Yes. You can change your Medicare plan anytime during your initial enrollment period (three months before your 65th birth month to three months after it). There are also other enrollment periods during the year to change your Medicare plan. Please refer to Medicare.gov for the initial, annual and other enrollment periods when you can change your plan.

Original Medicare plans (Plan A and Plan B) requires a monthly premium and a co-payment for healthcare expenses after meeting deductibles for most Medicare beneficiaries. This does not include prescription drug costs since these are not covered by Original Medicare plans. Your recommended plan will include other Medicare plans that can supplement and minimize these costs.

Well-Advised uses artificial intelligence and up-to-date Medicare plan data to evaluate selected personal, medical and financial information and preferences and to determine the optimal Medicare plan for you.

We put you and your family first and we know that health care choices result from your personal preferences, medical appropriateness and affordability. Only Well Planned gathers and analyzes your information on these to make the best recommendation for you to decide.

Our central philosophy is that your personal information belongs to you, not to us, and that your personal health information is a very private matter that you want specially protected. You should have control over who has access to it. So we only gather it if you explicitly give us permission and we are then responsible for keeping it confidential and securely encrypted. We are passionate about such protection. We don’t share or sell your personal information to anyone.

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