94% of people are not enrolled in their optimal Medicare plan. *

Our unbiased, confidential and free technology solution helps you find the right Medicare coverage for YOU, based on your doctor, hospital and financial preferences.

The Problem with Medicare Selection

According to the American Institutes for Research, moving to Medicare is the #1 problem for people 65 and older. Medicare selection is complicated. There are thousands of insurance combinations. Selecting the wrong option can lead to not having enough coverage or paying too much for the insurance you do have.  But our technology makes finding your best Medicare option easy.

Well Advised Makes It Easy to find Your Very Best Medicare Option​

We take the guesswork out of finding your optimal Medicare coverage. Whether you are signing up Medicare for the first time, or even if you are already enrolled, Well Advised finds the best solution based on your preferences and priorities. We support you through the enrollment process. And we will notify you if better coverage becomes available for your needs.

How Well Advised works:

  • Simply and confidentially answer questions about your health needs, preferred doctors, pharmacies and more.
  • Rank your priorities.
  • Our technology matches the insurance that best fits those priorities and makes a firm recommendation to you.
  • And we help you through the complete enrollment process.


Well Advised evaluates ALL available options to you from ALL insurance companies.  You enter YOUR preferred doctors, hospitals, prescriptions, insurance and more. The resulting unbiased and commission-blind recommendation is the one best fitting your preferences and priorities and meeting your financial needs.


Your personal data is owned by you. You enter information into the tool to both confirm eligibility and ensure that the plan recommended is the one that best fits your specific needs.  We ensure that the data you provide is confidential and secure.  Also, we do not robocall or spam consumers like some others in the industry.


We believe in creating a healthcare experience you love and trust, so we created a free tool that incorporates your health preferences and matches you to the insurance and care that is best for you.  We track changes in your local health plans, doctors and hospitals and alert you to opportunities for improving your health benefits and care. 

Well Advised is Pleased to Partner With

Review Your Medicare Coverage & Save​​


That‘s how much Medicare enrollees save by reviewing their Medicare drug coverage! National Bureau of Economic Research


Average total out-of-pocket spending hit nearly $6,000 per Medicare enrollee in 2016. Kaiser Family Foundation

ONLY 1 in 10

Just 10% of Medicare enrollees switch plans even if it saves them money.
Kaiser Family Foundation


Transitioning correctly to Medicare is the No. 1 problem for people 65 and older.
American Institutes for Research

Get Started Today

  • There is no risk to you and no obligation to enroll. The solution is unbiased, confidential and free.
  • Already enrolled in Medicare? Well Advised lets you see if your current insurance is still best for you, or if a better option is available.
  • Caregivers can also use this tool to help ensure that loved ones are enrolled in their best Medicare option.
  • And we promise you will not be spammed or robocalled. Our mission, quite simply, is to be a partner in finding your very best Medicare coverage available.

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