Improving Consumer Health:

Better Decision Making Through Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Well Planned Uses AI & Data Science to Enable Great Healthcare Decisions

We aim to be the global leader in helping people make earlier and better choices that result in improved well-being.

The Right Solution & Partner Opportunity

Decision Tools for Consumer

The Right Choice for Partners

  • Largest collection of Medicare resources for consumers.
  • Instantly analyzes all available options.
  • Matches the right resources to individual members.
  • Members simply review and click to enroll.
  • Keeps members well- covered with continuous monitoring & recommendations.
  • Technology solely focused on the Medicare population.
  • Untapped opportunities in the Medicare service market.
  • The most advanced artificial intelligence engine of its kind.
  • Built by the team that passed the AI benchmark Turing Test.

Well Advised Meets a Rapidly Growing Need

Growing Medicare Market

56 Million US Medicare population.

+$1 Trillion in Expenses

Total healthcare expenses for Medicare beneficiaries.

Crisis of Confusion

Over 4,000 distinct plan combinations in a typical US market.

We Need a New Approach

Beyond human cognitive ability to compare needs across plans.

Costly Results

We Empower Consumers


We ask simple questions about your Medicare needs, health & financial preferences.


We recommend the optimal Medicare options from all available choices.


You simply review and click to apply.

We Spot Costly Medicare & Financial Mistakes for You

Since our beginning in 2019, Well Advised has had clear vision: to reinvent Medicare selection by paying attention to your constantly evolving healthcare preferences, needs and early spotting of what Medicare resources you need. 

We use breakthrough artificial intelligence & data science to match & continuously monitor needs.

Well Advised aims to radically transform the way you get Medicare resources by equipping people everywhere with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a healthier life, prevent healthcare surprises altogether & safeguard their finances.

We Are Data Scientists

Our data scientists study decision pathways that can offer better solutions that are personal, robust & efficient.

We Are Clinicians & Healthcare Experts

Our clinicians know the problems patients face & how poor decisions lead to unnecessary delay in managing illness.  Our healthcare experts recognize that sub-optimal choices result in sub-optimal outcomes for all parties.

We Are Like You

All of us are touched by the financial hardships of the wrong Medicare coverage and disease. Our experiences as patients and people lend urgency and meaning to the work we do everyday, motivating us to equip all individuals & families with the tools they need to treat their health & diseases at their most manageable stages.

Meet the Well Advised Team

Chief Executive Officer

Allen Billings

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of digital health startup. Raised $200M for rural health systems. Created new business model with HHS for population health.

Verizon | Element | MobiTV
Kinetic Growth & Innovation

ME, MBA — Cornell University

Chief Operating Officer

Mimi Roberson

25 years healthcare leadership. President & Chief Executive Officer of 3 large medical centers. Founded consulting firm for startups and corporate boards.

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center
Regional Medical Center of Louisiana

JD — Louisiana State University

Chief Technical Officer

John Denning

Led development of technology systems for top providers and payors. CTO of successful IPO. Managed budgets that exceeded $1B.

Kaiser | Epic Systems | GE Healthcare
Blue Cross Blue Shield

MHA — Cornell University

Chief Science Officer

Robert Morris

Medical Dir. London Teaching Hospital.  CEO major hospital turnaround.  Exec. enterprise architect – Kaiser.  Med. Dir. largest EHR install – NHS.

Kaiser | NHS | TSI

MD —St. Thomas’s Hospital Medical School

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