How to deal with COVID-19 when you are over 65
Social Distance

Planning ahead for social distancing

Talking with them

Talk with your elderly parents regularly, by video if possible.  There are many simple apps now available to do so that are free to use.  Download these apps for them and be gentle and patient teaching them how to register, logon and use them. The two things you need to establish when you talk with them are:

  • Are they taking social distancing seriously?
  • What are they in need of?   Medicines; food; reassurance; technical help - or just some comfort?

Here is some general guidance on how to talk with the older generation: Talking with your parents.  The main thing to remember is that older people are motivated by different things as they age.  They usually want to remain in control of their lives.  They want to be the person who decides.  Getting them to make the best, most logical decision may take lots of time and patience and above all understanding.  Remember you are talking with them, not to or at them! 

Important checklist

Know the details of their Medicare insurance

  • What company and plans are they on
  • Take photos of their Medicare and health insurance card
  • Do they have a living will with instructions?  Where is it or who has it? Here is some information on Health Care Directive Basics

Here you will find a simple checklist of names and contacts that may be helpful.  A checklist for your parents

Health care details

Whether or not you fill out a checklist, be sure to have your parent’s medications, doctor’s contact information and Medicare details instantly available.

Know who their doctors are including contact information.  Do you also have a record of:

  • Their major illnesses
  • Which is their local or favorite hospital
  • Their prescribed medications; and where or how they get them.  What does it take to get them delivered by mail?
  • What other supplements, or herbs, do they take. What do they take these for?