How to deal with COVID-19 when you are over 65
Personal well-being

Staying healthy in body and mind

Staying well

This is a stressful and challenging time for all of us, and we need to plan how to deal with that side of our lives.  Firstly it helps to acknowledge that we are stressed and be aware of how that affects us.  People tend to eat more, be restless, sleep poorly, lose concentration more quickly than usual.  They close in on themselves and become immobilized through anxiety.  Secondly, take a break from the news. As the CDC says - "you don't have to watch, read or talk about COVID-19 all day. It’s important to stay informed but not consumed."  Some people find it helpful to free one room (especially your bedroom) of all technology, including your phone and TV - so that you can escape there, be comfortable and quiet, away from it all for the moment. Make a time and space to unwind.  What did you most enjoy doing in better times - is it still possible?  What have you been putting off doing? Maybe now is the time. The cluttered cupboard, the old clothes, sorting out that drawer of family papers or photos. All those recipes that need to be organized.  Think about how to stay active physically whether you want to call it exercise or not. Walking, cleaning, gardening are all good. Loneliness can be a problem these days.  Try to maintain social interaction with friends and relatives through todays’s technology.  There are many apps to help - have someone set them up for you. Facetime, WhatsApp and many others are simple to use.   Lastly pay attention to your sleep. Follow a sleep routine that works for you.  Try not to fall asleep in front of the TV. Go to bed at roughly the same time, so that your mind and body are prepared and expecting it.  Wind down gently.    

Looking good

Make sure you dress every day, and have pride in how you look even if no-one else knows.   We dress for ourselves and our own self esteem more than for others. Should you stop wearing makeup?  Not if you are not infected! Just do not share it with anyone else. Can I clean my makeup and make it virus-free?  The CDC recommends wiping down the outside packaging or container with sanitizing wipes if it is delivered to you from outside your home.  But if you think the product inside the package (for instance a lipstick used by someone else) may have become contaminated then you should not use it.  It may become safe after several days but disposal is safer. Wash makeup brushes and sponges regularly. Don’t double-dip applicators into makeup powder or cream after touching your face