How to deal with COVID-19 when you are over 65
Medicare and COVID-19

Health insurance and COVID-19

Contacting your doctor

Many Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans in Colorado are making special arrangements about Telehealth access to medical care, the cost and availability of medications, and check-in services with a physician.    Most non-essential, or routine surgery or procedures have been postponed. Below is a table of what some plans are doing:

Getting your medications

Don’t run short of your medication. All the major drug plans offer mail order delivery to your home address.  This is less expensive usually - you may get three months drugs for the price of two. Make sure your doctor is prescribing “generic” drugs rather than more expensive brand name ones. If cost is a serious problem then also ask your doctor about EXTRA HELP which can lower your drug costs.  

Be aware of fraud

Be very aware of people asking for your Medicare number or other personal information in return for promises about investing in vaccine development or other viral medication, or for any other reason.  Do not give them this information. They are frauds. Report them to your doctor’s office or direct to Medicare.