How to deal with COVID-19 when you are over 65
Gloves and masks

When is extra protection needed?

Do I need to wear gloves at home?

In general, the answer is no - no more often than you would normally when cleaning possibly dirty areas of your home, such as in your kitchen or bathroom. Do not wear them all the time. Wear them if you have to unpack groceries delivered to your door. The virus does not pass through the skin of your hands.  But if your fingers touch a surface which has the virus on it and you then touch your face you are exposing yourself to infection.  It’s the same risk whether your hands have gloves on or not.

Who needs a mask?

The CDC is now recommending that people wear cloth face coverings in public in situations where it is difficult to maintain social distancing.  This does not mean that you need to wear one at home, but only if you have to go to a grocery or pharmacy in exceptional circumstances.  Why is the CDC now advising this?  Because there is now clear evidence that a large proportion of people with the coronavirus have no symptoms for several days and are infectious to other people.  Face coverings cut down the risk  of transmitting infections.  The advice is not about using clinical masks or N-95 respirators, but about homemade cloth face coverings.    Clinical masks outside hospital are needed  by those people with respiratory symptoms or those caring for COVID-19 patients at home.