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We believe in creating a healthcare experience you love & trust.  Our free, unbiased, intelligent tool asks your healthcare & Medicare preferences & matches you to the pathways of care that are always best for you.  We use data science & artificial intelligence to analyze millions of options, eliminate confusion by making the best recommendation & continuously monitoring to ensure you have optimal care & coverage.  But, we are more than a great resource to make recommendations.  We’ve struck a perfect balance of matching you  to the healthcare & Medicare system, with You at the center of it all.


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Our central philosophy:  your personal information belongs to you, not to us, & that your personal health information is a very private matter that you want specially protected. You should have control over who has access to it. We only gather it if you explicitly give us permission & we are then responsible for keeping it confidential & securely encrypted. We are passionate about such protection. We don’t share or sell your personal information to anyone.

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Our passion is to make people feel supported in their healthcare & Medicare decisions.  A place where passion turns into better healthcare & data science enables better outcomes.  Making Medicare and healthcare less confusing is not for everyone. But for us, it is where ‘doing the right thing’ happens & our purpose resides.  Our team is applying proven AI credentials, as the first & only team to pass the Turing Test, the renown standard for AI & machine learning.  We are a determined team of data scientists, clinicians, healthcare experts, dreamers, & doers, coming together with a vision to create a better healthcare community.

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